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Introducing Breathe By Milliken™

The average person takes 23,040 breaths a day. Those breaths happen in our individual, private homes, and in the larger home we all share called the Earth.

Breathe by Milliken™ fabrics were designed to reflect today's lifestyles and the values of the consumer, our customer and Milliken who share this planet and one common belief - little things can make a big difference, so choose wisely.

Breathe fabrics are a collection of unique, eco-elegant performance fabrics. Breathe textiles are durable, repel everyday stains, clean easily, and are sustainably designed using natural or recycled fibers and a remarkable plant-based water repellent.


Breathe by Milliken is the eco-elegant fabric collection of the future. Only it's here now. Breathe fabrics are able to provide stain-resistance and more peace of mind enabling you to breathe easier in your home.
Strong & Durable
Fabrics have been tested to withstand wear and tear. The abrasion resistance of Breathe fabrics are at least 2x the industry standards.
Repels & Cleans Everyday Stains
Through sustainable technologies, Breathe resists everyday spills and cleans easily meaning you can spot clean them or machine wash them knowing that the performance remains intact.
Sustainably Designed
Breathe fabrics are designed fiber forward with natural or recycled content to be beautiful, soft, and have performance derived from plants versus harsh chemicals.
Responsibly Manufactured
Our commitment to transparency, health, safety, quality, and sustainability allows us to put our customers, associates, and communities first.


Breathe by Milliken fabrics were designed with your world and the whole world in mind. Our plant-based repellency is fluorine-free making our fabrics better for your family and the planet. All our Breathe by Milliken fabrics have achieved GREENGUARD® GOLD certification, which means the fabrics are scientifically proven to meet the world's most rigorous chemical emission standards, thus improving indoor air quality.

"I need to know my kids are safe when they fall asleep on the sofa or bury their faces in the pillows."
~JENNIFER SUTTON, mother of four and Pottery Barn shopper



Materials matter. Most mindful consumers want to leave the world a better place and want to do what's right for their home. So we looked for a way to take something as familiar as fabric and create a bit of a revolution.

Through science, technology and an unwavering dedication to invention, Milliken created this new collection of fabrics that is completely in tune with the environment, both literally and figuratively.

Breathe fabrics exist to enhance your home life. They do so by providing a fabric innovation that truly allows you to relax, knowing that when a drink gets spilled or your sofa becomes a trampoline, breathe easy. All is well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Breathe by Milliken fabrics and other performance fabrics?

Breathe by Milliken fabrics were designed fiber-forward, meaning that every aspect, from the fiber we use for the yarn to the final touches, was specifically created to develop a product that performs as well, if not better than, existing performance fabrics in a much more sustainable way.  Breathe fabrics use natural and renewable fibers or recycled fibers made from plastic bottles and a remarkable plant-based water repellent.  Unlike other stain repellant technologies that contain some levels of fluorine and fluorine derivatives, Breathe textiles are fluorine-free.  Breathe fabrics not only meets industry standards, it raises the bar.

Do Breathe by Milliken fabrics emit VOCs or have added formaldehyde?

Breathe fabrics emit no VOCs, including PFC’s like PFOS and PFOA, or added formaldehyde, which can harm indoor air quality.  In fact, Breathe fabrics have achieved GREENGUARD® GOLD certification.  This gives assurance that products designed for use in indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors.  However, Breathe fabrics go beyond industry standards by using natural or recycled fibers and a remarkable plant based water-repellent, which is fluorine-free.

What tests do Breathe by Milliken fabrics pass?

Breathe fabrics have been extensively tested by certified third parties using standard industry protocols including water repellency, soil release, spot cleaning, colorfastness, abrasion resistance and piling and have met or exceeded all requirements.

Are Breathe by Milliken fabrics stain proof?

We know of no product, our fabric included, which is completely stain proof. Breathe fabrics were designed to repel and resist common, everyday spills and “drops.”  Water-based stains (which include red wine, juices, soft drinks, coffee, etc.) can easily be removed by simply blotting with a soft cloth. Oil-based stains can be more difficult, but most can be easily cleaned by following our cleaning instructions.

Can Breathe by Milliken fabrics be used outdoor?

The fabrics have been designed for indoor use. It is not suggested that Breathe fabrics be used for outdoor applications.

What does “responsibly manufactured” mean?

Responsibly manufactured simply means that every yard produced is done so with care and respect for our associates, our neighbors, our customers and the world we share. While we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, we derive our greatest satisfaction from creating innovations that help solve the world’s problems – adding value to people’s lives, improving health and safety and making the world sustainable.  To learn more about Milliken & Company, please visit our website where our Environmental Policy, Associate Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct is proudly displayed.

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