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Our Specialty Interiors design team follows the latest trends, monitors markets, and, most importantly, listens to our customers to develop the best solutions for the hospitality industry. From top-of-bed and seating to window treatments and acoustic panels, our team works with you to ensure our fabrics enhance your brand. And we ensure our solutions meet the needs of home and industrial laundering performance and meet or exceed the NFPA 701 FR test. 

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Roller shades in window
Domino grey Fabricut bedding in hospitality room
Photo provided by Fabricut
Bedroom with teal and neutral bedding
There’s a misperception that style and performance are mutually exclusive — that you have to sacrifice one quality in fabrics to get the other.

However, the piece-dyed hospitality fabrics from Milliken Specialty Interiors combine the two beautifully. No matter your brand’s color or style, we can meet your specs while also meeting the hospitality industry’s regulations for flame resistance and durability. And because our fabrics are manufactured in the United States, we’re able to be more responsive to our customers’ needs.

  • Durable and Dependable – Meets Industry Regulations for Wear
  • Inspiring Design Options – Custom Colors and Myriad Styles
  • Made in the USA – Reliable Supply Chains

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination.

Light-colored fabrics can be problematic due to their tendency to show stains and wear. StainSmart®, however, opens up the entire spectrum of colors. The dual-action technology both repels and releases stains. The end product is a durable, long-lasting fabric that’s machine-washable and soft to the touch even after laundering. So you now get the colors you want along with the performance you need.

  • Liquid Spills Bead Up and Roll Off
  • Stains Are Easy to Clean
  • Lasting Color Wash After Wash
  • Wrinkle Resistance Requires Little Ironing

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