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We Have a Patent on Innovation.

Buildforthefuture_01.jpgMilliken is equal parts chemistry lab and design house. It’s that combination of science and design that enables us to help solve everyday problems and find creative ways to enhance people’s lives.
When the world wanted a more environmentally friendly option for stain and water-resistant home fabrics, we met the challenge head-on.
We work with our customers and our communities to help build a better tomorrow. We work to develop products that make the world safer, more sustainable and, ultimately, more beautiful. For us, these aren’t lofty dreams; they’re realistic goals because, first and foremost, we make them a priority. Of course, it also helps that we have a world-class chemistry lab, an onsite testing center, and more than 150 years of experience.

  • 100+ PhDs
  • 5000+ Patents
  • 150+ Years of Expertise
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