Employee Highlight - Megan Polson

Megan Polson Project CoordinatorAs a company with its roots in innovation, we are continually striving to grow. With big plans for the future, our team needed to expand and add additional resources and knowledge. Our new project coordinator, Megan Polson, will lead the charge to manage the many design and development projects that we are juggling on a day to day basis. We couldn't be more excited to add her to our team as we embark on an exciting journey.

Tell us about yourself.

After moving to Spartanburg when I was in high school, I decided to attend Wofford College, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics. I then went on to receive my MBA from Clemson University.

What drew you to apply for a job at Milliken?

Milliken has a strong presence in the Spartanburg community, so it was a company that I always heard about from friends and family. I knew it offered a lot of growth opportunities, so I wanted to be able to continue my career at a company with such thick roots in Spartanburg.

What was the biggest obstacle in your current role?

My background and my previous roles are more focused on business. I discovered in graduate school that I enjoyed project management, so I was eager to find this role that catered to that strength. However, I did not have a textile background, so the learning curve has been pretty steep. But I have been able to catch on quickly, and my coworkers are super helpful.

Can you tell us more about your position?

I think the best way to describe my role as the project coordinator is as a liaison between all of the departments within our Specialty Interiors business. My goal is to create strong communication within our team. I'll do this by implementing new processes and procedures that will provide guidelines and give the team a clear focus on the projects at hand. Additionally, I'll ensure that everyone is aware of project timelines, which will allow us to be more proactive, rather than reactive, by staying ahead of deadlines.

Why were you interested in project management?

I had worked in small businesses before, where my role managed many small projects here and there. With the multitude of projects and tasks to complete, I realized I enjoyed the process of making lists and planning our projects from start to finish. It wasn't until grad school, where I took a course that gave me a taste of project management, that I realized I might want to make it a career. There's a creative side to it, and it's a checklist.

What do you like most about Milliken so far?

I value the company culture, where collaboration is highly encouraged. The different businesses are open about getting feedback and bouncing ideas off each other. We're truly able to leverage the power of Milliken for our customers.